Suez University

Contact Person

Prof. Eldesouki Eid  
Suez University, Al-Salam , Suez ,Egypt  
Tel: 002-0629206176 \ 002-0122 7835110  
Fax: 002-0623669914  

Partner presentation related to the project

Suez University includes six faculties and is located in the eastern wing of Egypt (Suez Gulf region). It serves one of the biggest industrial sectors that lied in Suez and Ain Sokhana areas. Among technical and scientific university faculties,  faculty of industrial education was established in 1994.  The faculty awards bachelor, diploma, master, and doctorate degrees. Three main departments included in the faculty of Industrial Education are: Mechanical, Electrical,  Architectural departments. The Electrical department has two sub-sections, power and electronics sub-sectors.  The electrical power group conducts research in renewable-based distributed generation, electric drive controls, substation grounding systems,  distribution system automation, and micro-grid stability issues.  

Partner role in the project

Providing information and involving National stakeholders for the analysis of beneficiary Universities needs (WP1);
Attending the Bologna Process meeting in EU and in ASU, elaborating the MSc didactic plan and following the accreditation steps (WP2);
Cooperating in elaborating the MSc syllabus and didactic materials, carrying out internal tenders for distance learning tools and didactic laboratories (WP3);
Organizing 3 semesters of MSc, managing students mobility and training in SU (WP4);
Supporting all dissemination activities, organizing in SU “Green Energy” days and “University meets the market days”, collaborating for organizing the final conference in ASU (WP5);
Cooperating in elaborating the plan for MSc Sustainability and the final report, providing data on internal regulation (WP6);
Providing information for the analysis of quality criteria and monitoring activities (WP7);
Collaborating in the project management (WP8).