P03-University of Cadiz

University of Cadiz

Contact Person

Prof. Dr. Rafael Jiménez Castañeda  
Escuela Superior de Ingeniería - Chile,Cadiz,Spain  
Tel: +34 956 015140  
Fax: +34 956 015101  

Partner presentation related to the project

The academic offer of UCA is served by its four campuses that allow the University to be present in the entire Cadiz province. Degrees, Masters and Ph. D. titles are offered in all branches of knowledge: Arts and Humanities, Business, Sciences, Engineering, Health Sciences, and Social and Legal Sciences with a total of 69 Degrees; 34 Official Master Programs (2 Erasmus Mundus) and 39 Doctorate Programs (1 Erasmus Mundus Ph. D.). UCA has ca. 21.000 students, 1506 Staff/professors, 684 administration, 136 Research Groups and ca. 1800 scientists. The university of Cadiz has lot of experience in the renewable energies and its applications studies, with a lot of doctoral thesis, graduate thesis and master thesis in this matters. Moreover our university too, has experience in spin-off companies creation in sector as renewable energies or environmental sciences related with renewable energies, and it uses for water treatment. The University of Cadiz has different agreement with arabs univs.

Partner role in the project

Managing the meetings on Bologna Process in EU and in beneficiary Countries, cooperating in elaborating didactic plan of the Master and coordinating the Master courses accreditation (WP 2);
Cooperating in elaborating the Master syllabus and didactic materials (WP 3);
Providing lessons, in presence and in distance during the Master courses, managing students mobility in EU (WP 4);
Cooperating in dissemination activities, providing information, participating in National and International events (WP 5);
Cooperating in the elaboration of the plan for MSc Sustainability and of the final report (WP 6);
Providing information for the analysis of quality criteria and monitoring activities (WP 7);
Cooperating in JAMILA project management (WP 8).