Al-Quds University

Contact Person

Dr. Labib ARAFEH
P O Box 20002,Beit Hanina, Jerusalem,Palestinian Territory, Occupied
Tel: + 97022797023\+ 97225838654
Fax: + 97022797023

Partner presentation related to the project

AQU believes in best of life promises, its strategic plan: developing creative, cooperative, multi-cultural mindsets, seeking to fulfill a vital role of providing means for Palestinians to develop knowledge & skills required to contribute towards well-balanced growth of economy. Faculty of Engineering (FE) offers 4 linked programs: Electronics, Computer, Materials & master (Electronics & Computer Engineering). FE promotes 3 pillars of HE: Teaching/Learning, research & Community Engagement. FE has strong global links with regional & EU HEIs. FE Priorities: providing advanced educational/training opportunities, promoting applied research & professional excellence, encouraging innovation. These include addressing quality in eLearning from diverse dimensions: pedagogy, technology, support, learning management tools. FE has strong partnerships with national/regional industry & IT: Palestinian Federal Industries, Jerusalem District Electric Company, via Tempus projects: FINSI, ICT_LEAP, RUFO

Partner role in the project

Providing information and involving National stakeholders for analysis of beneficiary Universities needs (WP1); 
Attending the Bologna Process meeting in EU and in PPU, elaborating the MSc didactic plan and following the accreditation steps (WP2);
Coordinating the elaboration of MSc syllabus and didactic materials, managing the set up of distance learning tools and didactic laboratories, carrying out tenders for distance learning tools and didactic laboratories (WP3);
Organizing 3 semesters of MSC, managing students mobility and training in AQU (WP4);
Supporting all dissemination activities providing information, organizing in AQU “Green Energy” days and “University meets the market days”, collaborating in organizing the final conference in ASU (WP5);
Cooperating in elaborating the plan for MSc Sustainability and the final report, providing data on internal regulation (WP6);
Providing information for quality criteria and monitoring activities (WP7);
Cooperating in the management (WP8).