Ain Shams University

Contact Person

Prof. Abdelhalim Zekry  
Elsarayat Street, Abbasia , Cairo, Egypt  
Tel: +2  226 821 800\ +2  012 2782 0013  
Fax: +2 226 850 617    

Partner presentation related to the project

Ain Shams University in general and the faculty of engineering in particular deliver postgraduate courses for the regular students on the diverse areas of the renewable energy. They drive intensive research on renewable energy sources. The Faculty of Engineering convenes many technical consultations concerning specifying, designing, installing and testing renewable energy generators.
There are three departments in the faculty taking care of the renewable energy teaching and research activities:  Power electrical engineering department, Mechanical engineering department, and electronic and communication department. The research efforts are devoted to photovoltaic, wind, solar heating and direct solar electricity conversion. We have highly qualified staff in teaching and research.

Partner role in the project

Providing information and involving stakeholders for the analysis of beneficiary Universities needs (WP1);
Attending the Bologna Process meeting in EU and organizing a seminar in ASU, elaborating the MSc didactic plan and following the accreditation steps (WP2);
Cooperating in elaborating the MSc syllabus and didactic materials, carrying out internal tenders for distance learning tools and didactic laboratories (WP3);
Organizing 3 semesters of MSc, managing students mobility and training in ASU (WP4);
Elaborating the Communication Plan and coordinating all communication activities (WP5);
Organizing in ASU “Green Energy” days and “University meets the market days”, organizing and hosting the final conference (WP5);
Collaborating in elaborating the MSc Sustainability plan and the final report, providing data on internal regulation (WP6);
Providing information for the analysis of quality criteria and monitoring activities (WP7);
Cooperating in the project management (WP8).