P02-Northumbria University

Northumbria University

Contact Person

Prof. Khamid Mahkamov   
City Campus, Ellison Building , Newcastle upon Tyne,United Kingdom  
Tel: +44 191 343 7510  
Fax: +44 191 243 7630  

Partner presentation related to the project

The Northumbria University has existed as a college since 1892 and today it is the 6th biggest University in UK.   Currently, Northumbria University has 38,000 students from 135 countries and 3,000 staff and located in the central part of Newcastle upon Tyne. The University has branches at partner institutions in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Seoul.  The University compromises four academic Faculties including the Faculty of Engineering and Environment. Department of Mechanical and Construction Engineering is one of six departments of the Faculty of E & E and has 80 members of the academic staff. Main interests of the Department are in the research in Energy, Design, Manufacturing and Materials and Construction  subject areas. The Faculty  runs successful BEng and MEng courses in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, MSc in Renewable Energy, MSc in Electrical Power Engineering.  


Partner role in the project

Cooperating in analyzing beneficiary Universities' needs (facilities and labour market); as IT member, cooperating in elaborating the final report (WP 1); 
Providing lectures during the Bologna Process meetings in EU and beneficiary Countries, cooperating in elaborating didactic plan of the Master Course, also proposing new training methods (WP 2);
Cooperating in elaborating the Master syllabus and didactic materials (WP 3);
Providing lessons, in presence and in distance during the Master courses, managing students mobility in EU (WP 4);
Cooperating in dissemination activities providing information, participating in National and International events (WP 5);
Cooperating in elaborating the MSc Sustainability plan (WP 6);
Coordinating Quality survey, elaborating the quality guidelines and collaborating in monitoring activities (WP 7);
Collaborating in JAMILA project management (WP 8).