Sapienza University of Rome

Contact Person:

Prof. Katiuscia Cipri  
Tempus Project Coordinator  
via Eudossiana ,Rome ,Italy  
Tel: 06 485572 \ 06 485572  

Partner presentation related to the project

With over 700 years of history and 145,000 students Sapienza, founded in 1303 by Pope Boniface VIII, is the first University in Rome and the largest University in Europe. Sapienza has over 4,500 professors and  almost 5,000 administrative and technical staff. Students from other  regions are over 30,000. Foreign students are over 7,000. Incoming and outgoing Erasmus students are about 1,000 per year. Sapienza is composed by 11 faculties, 66 departments and several centres devoted to scientific research. More than 100 PhD programmes are offered. DIMA Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering was established in 1982. DIMA main objectives are promotion and coordination of research activities in the fields of applied mechanic, fluid-dynamic, aerospace engines, mechanical  and thermal measurements, technological design, management and project of engines, industrial and energy plants. DIMA supports several II level University Masters as EFER–Energy Efficiency and Renewable Sources. 


Partner role in the project

Coordinating the analysis of beneficiary Universities needs, elaborating the final report (WP1);
Providing lectures for the Bologna Process meetings in EU and beneficiary Mediterranean Countries, cooperating in the elaboration of didactic plan of the Master, also proposing new training methods (WP2);
Cooperating for elaborating the Master syllabus and didactic materials (WP3);
Providing lessons, in presence and in distance in Master courses, managing students mobility in EU (WP4);
Designing JAMILA logo and coordinated image, cooperating in dissemination activities, participating in National and International events (WP5);
Cooperating in the elaboration of the MSc Sustainability Plan (WP6);
Monitoring JAMILA project, providing indicators and planning, contributing to analyze quality criteria (WP7);
Managing the partnership and coordinating JAMILA carry out (WP8);
Designing and implementing the web platform and  organizing the Kick-Off meeting (WP8).