Alexandria University

Contact Person

Dr. Mohamed Feteha  
El Guish Road, EL Shatby , Alexandria, Egypt  
Tel: +203-4292624\+203-4295007-ext 231  
Fax: +203-4285792  

Partner presentation related to the project

Alexandria University (AU) was established in 1942; the number of Faculties and Graduate Institutes in Alexandria University is twenty one. It contains 170,249 undergraduate and 21924 graduate students. According to Times Higher Education, 2011, AU Being ranked 303 in the world top 400 universities this year and ranked 601 according to QS. In Egypt the need for energy is escalating in order to satisfy the industrial needs and also to create jobs for young generations. AU had established multidisciplinary research group and center for promoting the research in renewable energy. The center is located in Wadi El-Natron for reclaiming the desert and providing solar and wind energies for developing the community around it. IGSR has four departments with staff from different backgrounds such as, engineering, environmental studies and economy. The graduate students of IGSR are from different backgrounds. IGSR has two funded research projects for fabricating polymer PV cells and modules. 

Partner role in the project

Providing information and involving National stakeholders for the analysis of beneficiary Universities needs (WP 1);
Attending the Bologna Process meeting in EU and in ASU, elaborating the MSc didactic plan and following the accreditation steps (WP 2);
Cooperating in elaborating the MSc syllabus and didactic materials, carrying out internal tenders for distance learning tools and didactic laboratories (WP 3);
Organizing 3 semesters of MSc, managing students mobility and training in AU (WP 4);
Supporting all dissemination activities providing information, organizing in AU “Green Energy” days and “University meets the market days”, cooperating in organizing the final conference in ASU (WP 5);
Managing the sustainability analysis, also elaborating the plan and report (WP 6);
Providing information for the analysis of quality criteria and monitoring activities (WP 7);
Cooperating in project management (WP8).