Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Unit was established on February 2005 to assure and enhance the quality in all educational, administrative and research aspects in PPU. It reports directly to the president of the university.
The mission of this unit is to control and enhance the quality of administrative and educational performance and to reinforce the quality culture in the university. It also aims to improve the educational environment through utilizing appropriate measures and professional criteria of the evaluation of academic programs. This leads to achieve the satisfaction of the local, regional, and international communities in the outcomes of the educational process of the university.

  1. Create and spread the quality culture in the university.
  2. Provide professional measures and criteria to assure the quality of education.
  3. Improve and enhance the educational, administrative and research processes.
  4. Develop a continuous process of self evaluation in the university.
  5. Assure the ability of the university graduates to satisfy the national and international market needs.
  6. Improve the educational environment, and enhance the performance of services provided for students and staff.

To achieve its objectives, the unit will perform different activities, such as:

  1. Implement the necessary activities to spread the quality culture and enhance the performance (training courses, workshops, conferences, etc.).
  2. Plan and supervise the process of self evaluation for academic programs and provide the necessary training for the evaluation teams. This in addition to facilitating the mission of external evaluation teams and follows up the implementation of their recommendations. 
  3. Provide the necessary criteria for evaluating and improving all academic related processes, such as, examinations, curricula, teaching and learning methods and student evaluation.
  4. Develop a unified filing and archiving system to facilitate the quality control and evaluation processes.

Director: Eng. Elayan Abu Gharbyeh
Administrative Assistant: Nour Tahboub
Contact Us:
Telefax: 02-2233050
e-mail: direc-quality@ppu.edu